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The True Value of New Home Construction | Porter Construction | NWA

The ideal home ought to give you a sense of comfort at a price that’s perfectly within your budget without compromising your personal style and need for quality. If you are contemplating investing in a home in the near future, then you have most likely considered the idea of new home construction versus an already existing home. Though existing homes traditionally have a pleasant “lived-in” charm to them, a new home construction offers you greater value and customization benefits that are hard to beat.

Contemporary features

Living in a new home with stylish and updated features makes “coming home” an adventure every day. However, this doesn’t mean you have to forego the vintage charm of certain architectural styles. New home construction gives you the opportunity to choose from modern, minimalist designs or Victorian, Early Americana blueprints.

Working with your trusted builder, you can incorporate the designs you want into your home, taking the style direction you choose. Perhaps one of the greatest attractions of building and designing a new home is the fact that you won’t get stuck with a previous owner’s decisions or have to invest more money renovating the existing design.

Spacious open-concept floor designs

All new home builders worth their salt know that many of today’s home buyers are all about the open-concept floor layout. We have a broad selection of floor plans from which to choose, and our designs are meant to meet all the needs of a modern, mobile family. You’ll find roomy closets and kitchens that are truly the heart of the house.

Control during the building process

Exercising control over the construction process for a homeowner can mean anything from indicating where the kitchen will be located to keeping tabs on the construction process. You may request walk-in closets, pick all your paint colors, select lighting fixtures, and even wiring and outlet locations chosen before all the walls go up. The important thing is to communicate your vision for your new home construction with your contractor before any work starts to ensure you get the home you’ve always dreamed of.

Low maintenance costs

It goes without question that existing homes come with a boatload of maintenance costs. You may need to replace the entire plumbing or HVAC system, the roof might need a replacement, the wiring might need some upgrade to support the modern day electronics,… the list is endless.

With new home construction, the installations are brand-new and made using advanced technology. Not only will you enjoy energy conservation, you’ll reap the savings that result!

Energy efficiency is standard with new home construction

Many older homes come with antiquated heating and cooling systems that consume a lot of energy, driving your utility bills through the roof without even providing the indoor comfort you need. Summers and winters can be harsh if you don’t prepare well for them! One of the major advantages of new home construction is that your energy-efficient HVAC unit is already in place, vented to every room throughout your new home. You’re ready for the weather!

In addition to lower heating and cooling bills, you’ll be happier knowing you’re reducing your carbon footprint. And as a new home builder/owner, you’ll find there are plenty of ductless HVAC systems from which to choose that have been designed using the latest green technology.

At the end of the day, whatever choice you make – remodeling or building new – quality of workmanship is critical. Invest in construction that will give you years of lasting beauty and service! Estimates are free, so call 479-273-2866 or contact Porter Construction today.


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