Team Members

Other than Bruce Porter the team is made up of people who run their own companies. Their services are utilized regularly to complete the vast services and responsibilities that Porter Enterprises of NWA, Inc. conducts. They are considered subcontractors or service providers depending upon the services that they provide.

1 Bruce's Bio PicGalen Bruce Porter:
Owner & President of Porter Enterprises of NWA, Inc.
General Contractor

Born in Modesto, CA. Moved to Northwest Arkansas area where he found his wife Debbie. They were married in Bentonville and have been a part of the Northwest Arkansas Community for 35 years. They now reside just east of the Little Flock community and enjoy spending time with their beautiful granddaughter as often as possible.

Bruce began doing residential construction in Northwest Arkansas in 1981. He founded his own company in 1985 as Porter Construction. Porter Construction then became a subsidiary of Porter Enterprises of NWA, Inc. in 2010. Bruce comes from a construction family starting his own concrete business when he was 18 years old. Bruce has always enjoyed the outdoors. Some of his favorite past times are hunting, fishing, camping, floating, and hiking. Bruce has always loved nature, animals, and the beautiful Ozarks.

Bruce is very particular when it comes to doing what is right. He has always considered himself to be a fair man and prides himself on that quality. Also due to Bruce being very particular when it comes to doing what is right, he makes absolutely sure that the level of quality that he produces is top notch! Bruce will not let anything reflecting his name be done poorly or incorrect in any way. That is why his company was done so well through the years because his level of quality and attention to even the littlest of detail never go unattended. Two recent homes constructed is a display of the design talents and capabilities.

Tim Carr (croped)Tim Carr:
Owner & President of Carr Custom Remodeling
Project Manager of Construction

Tim Carr comes to us from Carr Custom Remodeling out of Champaign Illinois. With over 25 years of residential remodeling experience. Tim has decided to join us as a Project Manager. The expertise that he possesses in tile, flooring, and high end design, will be an excellent addition to our team!


Robin portrait

Robin Carr:

Vice President of Carr Custom Remodeling
Interior Designer & Office Manager

Robin Carr also comes to us from Carr Custom Remodeling out of Champaign Illinois. Robin has many years experience as an Interior Decorator and Human Resources. Once her husband Tim began working with Porter Construction she was able to see the kind of company that we are and wanted to be a part of our award winning team. The close family oriented atmosphere was something that she wanted to contribute to. Robin is versatile in so many ways and contains so many skills that helps the company run like a well oiled machine!

Porter Enterprises of NWA, Inc. has pre-screened all of our subcontractors and verified that they are all long time contractors in good standing with the community. They have been providing services to us consistently for many years.

Below are just a few of the subcontractors that we regularly call and depend upon for construction services.

6 Daniel's Bio PicDaniel Meza with Meza’s Home Repairs

Daniel is one of the hardest installers we know. He is never afraid to do the installs that requires back breaking work and getting dirty.


8 Luis's Bio Pic

Luis Quiridumbay with Drywall & Paint Finishers of NWA

Luis can put a finish on a drywall install like nobody’s business. In fact it appears that he may have even perfected the art.

With the amount of construction work that we do, the list of our subcontractors goes on and on. We are always striving to find the highest quality of subcontractors with the most affordable prices so that we can pass those saving onto our customers.