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Porter Enterprises of NWA, Inc. began as Porter Construction in 1985. Since that time, the type of construction experience and knowledge that we have obtained covers almost anything and everything that is being done in the residential and light commercial construction industry.

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Compiled below is a list of services that we offer:

Building Custom Homes – from designing to handing you the key to your new home. We have the capabilities to first start with the designing of your floor plans on AutoCAD & Revit, plot your full set of blueprints, develop your property, construct the home, and then hand over the keys to you as the proud new owner of their very own home.

Home Additions – We have added everything from a single sun room to doubling the size of a residential home.

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Home Remodels – We can turn an old home into a modern structure with up to date materials and meeting all new building codes. We have conducted a single room remodel to a complete demolition to the frame work and started rebuilding the home from the inside out.

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Design – Creating official construction drawings for single room additions and on up to full blown complete new residential home blueprints. This service is also offered as a stand-alone service for those who want to build their own home.

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Deck Construction – Super deck designs have become almost second nature to our company because we have constructed so many! The quality in which our decks are constructed means that they will last for many years to come.

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Courtyards – We have accomplished a little taste of Italy with our custom designed courtyards, gazebos, arbors, and pergolas adding the perfect touch to fantastic homes.

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Installing New Fixtures – Plumbing, lighting, and security fixtures of all kinds throughout an entire home.

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Interior Design – We have advised and installed some of the most innovative looks in Northwest Arkansas from shower inlays and matching colors of paint to wallcoverings and matching curtains. We have the eye and the knack for making rooms sparkle and coordinate with color. 

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Interior Entertainment– We have built and installed some awesome entertainment centers in our time!

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Patio Construction – Spectacular design and installation of “Patterned Concrete,” “Integrated Colored Concrete,” and so much more!

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Concrete Work – When it comes concrete we have it covered! Our President Bruce Porter began his career with concrete and concrete installation before expanding his knowledge in the construction industry. From simple concrete work to decorative concrete work we can produce any stained, stamped, and integrated colored concrete in the industry!

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Metal Working – Custom metal fabrications is an art that we specialize in and that you will cherish!

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Wielding – Is just another aspect of the metal art that can be used in so many beneficial ways, especially when it comes to our wonderful craft of Safe Rooms and Interior Tornado Shelters! We can even retrofit according to FEMA Standards and Designs.

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The following is just a basic list of Construction duties that we perform on a daily basis:


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Windows and Doors

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Please visit our Energy Wize Window division website at for additional information on our window sales and installation services!


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And all other duties that goes along with Residential Construction!

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We offer even more services to our Gold Club clientele such as:

Weather Disasters – For our *Gold Club clientele we have the resources in place to handle any storm damage.

Plus so much more! (Contact us about our Gold Club Memberships)

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