Porter Enterprises of NWA, Inc.

Our Motto: “Quality that is above and beyond professional grade. Work done is a signature of the name and the name sets a higher standard for the industry. That shall not be tainted.”

We are Porter Enterprises of NWA, Inc. Our company began as a small construction company called Porter Construction in 1985 in Bentonville, Arkansas. We have been doing residential construction for over 32 years just in the Northwest Arkansas area alone! We believe that our success has come from staying focused on the customer’s needs, and that is what has contributed to our repeat customers and wonderful referrals. We pride ourselves on the quality of our customer relationships, because we receive the highest gratification with happy customers.

Since opening our company the knowledge and experience we have gained of construction has grown over the years. Due to this knowledge and experience that we have obtained, we felt obligated to our customers to open a division of our company called Energy Wize Windows. The purpose of Energy Wize Windows is to offer a better quality product of low to high end energy efficient windows that will lower your monthly expenses. We were tired of seeing these “fly-by-night” window companies install windows improperly with only the quantity and sales commissions in mind. We felt that it should be an educated and experienced licensed contractor to install your windows properly.

In 2010 Porter Construction and Energy Wize Windows incorporated creating Porter Enterprises of NWA, Inc. Since 1985 our company has been doing construction projects that are on the cutting edge of technology and the latest innovations of construction advancements! Our experience in the field of residential construction is hard to beat! We have included every single aspect of what is takes to build a home from start to finish inside and out to our knowledge base. We offer some of the most competitive prices in the industry for the area of Northwest Arkansas and surrounding locations! Please take a look at our list of services we offer under the “SERVICES” tab on this website and see our magnificent work through our Quality Showcase Gallery!!! 

Bruce Porter is the President of Porter Enterprises of NWA, Inc. Bruce actually had his very own concrete business when he was only 18 years old. He has been dedicated to the art of construction his entire life. During that time he has developed his construction skills to a level very few ever are able to achieve. The level of quality work that Bruce produces is beyond any high end construction company. This is due to the fact that Bruce prides himself in his work. He feels like each job that he does is a signature to the bottom of a painting that could very well be his next masterpiece! 

Bruce has the knowledge and knowhow of residential construction inside and out. He offers free estimates because he enjoys educating those who are able to benefit from it. Bruce does not have to pressure anyone to hire him because he knows that his knowledge speaks for itself. Bruce always stands behind his work 100%. If ever a customer is not satisfied, he will do whatever it takes to make it right and walk away with a happy client!

So give us a call today and allow our team to grace you with our expertise and vast knowledge of residential cost saving construction. Free consultations and estimates are given daily. Why not schedule yours today?

We volunteer our time to helping our Community

Porter Enterprises of NWA, Inc. loves to volunteer their time freely as often as possible! We are constantly giving our time to aiding in building churches, helping with disaster relief, and volunteering in our community. We love our neighbors and cherish the elderly in our area. Anytime we are given the chance to make a difference, we do our very best to take advantage of it. Putting aside our name for the greater good is something we take pride in! Giving freely of our time always provides us with long lasting joy and happiness!