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The Latest House Plan Trends | Northwest Arkansas | Porter

Looking to create your own house plans? Having a customized home for yourself really lets you live a dream. With a personalized home you’ll be able to include everything you might want in a house. Before you sit down and begin mapping out the new house plan for your home, you should consider what is currently trending in the housing market. Here are a few of the latest housing trends and what new home buyers are looking for when searching for a brand new house.

Some of the most popular housing trends for shoppers on the market today include:

  • Stand Alone Tubs
  • Switching to Quartzite
  • Indoor/Outdoor Living
  • Going Tech
  • Water Conservation

Stand Alone Tubs

The freestanding tub can become a centerpiece inside of a bathroom. The clawed feet of a standing tub is elegant and bacons back from an earlier generation. Whether you go with porcelain or copper (a beautiful look but also more costly), the stand alone tub is hot right now and proving especially popular.

Switching to Quartzite

Granite is still popular, but this material is quickly taking its place. Quartzite looks similar to granite, but the major difference is the stone is nearly indestructible. It isn’t going to stain easily and you’ll almost never have the scratches or chips as granite. So, if you’re picking out new materials for your kitchen, consider going with quartzite for your house plans.

Indoor/Outdoor Living

The lines between the interior and exterior of a home are starting to blur. Instead of having patio doors leading out onto a wood deck, the materials used inside of a home are starting to push outward. Whether a stone or bamboo flooring, the material pushes out past the exterior wall in order to create a more unified exterior. Many homes also have ceiling to floor glass window/doors and other design elements that make it possible to move inside and outside without leaving the quality materials inside. Paired with additional patio designs made up of quality masonry and woodworking and you’ll instantly increase the amount of living space you have while making your patio the most beautiful area of the entire house.

Going Tech

Technology is becoming more and more important in a modern home, which is why more home buyers are looking for such an option. Keyless locks are desirable as you no longer need to worry about forgetting your keys inside. The doors can open up via a thumbprint or a cell phone app. Combine this with Wi-Fi connected thermostats and Internet connected refrigerators and you can instantly control just about everything from your cell phone.

Water Conservation

Drought in California has become more and more common. California depends on the snow melting in Oregon and the notion portion of the state for the majority of its water. With warmer seasonal weather, this is reducing water and causing droughts. In order to avoid this, even in states on the other side of the country, water conservation technology is being implemented. This includes the creation of rainwater harvesting tanks, gray water units, weather controlled watering hardware, not to mention drought tolerant plans that reduce your need of extra water.

Whether you want to add on to your current home or you’re thinking about starting from scratch, Porter Construction is here to work with you. With a team of the best and brightest professionals in the industry, you’ll have a home expertly designed and crafted. So, from your very first phone call to the end of construction, our team of contractors all through way through customer service specialists are here to help turn your housing dream into a reality.

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