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You can tell a good deal about when the homes in your neighborhood were built just by identifying specific architectural styles. Architectural design, just like any other industry, continually evolves. While home architectural trends differ more on the interior than exterior, there have been significant changes made over the last several years. If you’re considering the construction of a new home, you may want to look into the latest architectural design trends to see if there are any specific looks or design elements you wish to incorporate into your own design.

The Informal Living Space

Lifestyles have become much more relaxed in recent years; this is why the traditional floor plan is quickly fading into obscurity. Open floor plans have grown in popularity in recent years, but the informal living space takes it to another level. It makes for an indoor/outdoor living design so the interior of your home seamlessly flows to the outside. This typically includes the continual usage of building materials going from inside to out. The same flooring material is used and the ceiling may also extend outward as well. Floor to ceiling windows are used so there is less of a divide between outside your home and inside. This makes it possible to enjoy the constructed external living area easily. Fully furnished outdoor rooms are a major trend, featuring not only comfortable relaxing areas but full kitchens as well. With modern design, you can enjoy these informal outdoor living areas even during the winter months.

Growth of the Home Office

Home offices have grown not only in popularity but also in size. As more employees are staying home to work, the need for additional space has increased. It’s no longer possible to just take a small bedroom and convert it into a home office; you likely need added hardware and technology installed within the home office. The dedicated and large home office space has become substantially more popular today than it was just a few years ago.

Technology Is Everywhere

One thing to consider whenever discussing architectural design is the kind of technology now used in homes. The entire kitchen can be controlled via your smartphone, as can your bathroom. From heating bathroom floors to remotely controlling the oven’s temperature, technology can make your life easier and save you money. So while it doesn’t take up any more space (outside of a possible home server), it’s a growing trend that isn’t going to disappear any time soon.

The Green Revolution 

Going green in architectural design is one of the fastest-growing trends in construction today. From using sustainable materials to cutting down on your energy consumption, there are all sorts of ways to go green. Using rain collection systems so you can water your plants with recycled water has become increasingly popular. Even solar water heating systems can help reduce energy consumption. Sustainability is the name of the game and, like technology, isn’t likely to do anything but expand in popularity.

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