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Homeowners in Northwest Arkansas (and just about everywhere else) always seem to need more space. Growing families and changing life situations mean you may be using your home’s spaces differently than you did just five short years ago. A new baby may call for moving older children to a new attic bedroom. Retirement may mean you can finally devote large amounts of time to a hobby, such as quilting. A new career as a home-based consultant will now need a dedicated workspace. And of course, don’t forget about grandparents who want to spend more time with their grandchildren.

You know best what changes are ahead. Now is the time to prepare for them. Moving is one alternative, but home additions are also excellent options that allow you to customize the added space(s) to your exact specifications. Planning in advance eases the process by removing the anxiety caused by needing more space quickly and allows you to design a space that meets your expectations.

Getting Started

Where do you begin? Your first step should be to consult with a design-build contractor. In fact, it’s a good idea to talk to at least three to get different viewpoints and cost estimates. This type of contractor, as the name implies, provides both design and construction services, which in turn means less confusion for you and your builder. Integrating these components of a renovation job under one contractor leads to improved communication, which leads to better results.

However, before you speak to a contractor take some time to really think about your needs. Consider not only how you will use the space now, but also look to the future. It’s best to create home additions that are flexible so that space can be reconfigured to fit a different need. So for that hobby room, while the temptation to build in lots of customized storage units is strong, will you still have that passion in five years? What if you decide to sell your home and move to California to be near your grandchildren? Unless you can find a buyer who is also a dedicated hobbyist that bank of cupboards may actually turn buyers away.

What to Discuss

When you do meet with a design-build contractor who specializes in home additions, come prepared with your questions and concerns noted somewhere that is easy to refer to.  Do your financial homework ahead of time so you know exactly what your budget is for this exciting new project. It’s easy to get carried away and add more features that will push the cost out of your range. Stick to your budget and stay in control of your spending.

Check Builder’s References

After you’ve met with a design-build contractor who seems to be a good choice, be sure to follow up with a thorough check of the company’s references. Go the Better Business Bureau’s website to see if complaints have been filed against the contractor. Ask for contact information of former customers and phone them to get feedback. If they will allow you to see the business’s work, go over it carefully. Be sure you are satisfied before you sign any contracts or hand over any funds.

In Northwest Arkansas, you’ll find that Porter Construction provides not only high-quality construction but also high-quality customer service. Our experience with home additions goes back to 1985 and covers everything from a simple sunroom to complete homes. We have the knowledge and expertise to meet all codes and regulations, so you’ll rest easy once the job is done.

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