Construction Drawings

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At Porter Enterprises of NWA, Inc. we have a trained and experienced designer, who has received a Certificate of Architecture from the local accredited college in our area. The experience of the architectural and electrical design we have has been utilized by some of the local architectural and engineering firms in the area such as Harrison French & Associates and Benchmark Group.

At the construction office of Porter Enterprises of NWA, Inc. computer aided drafting programs such as AutoCAD and Revit are used for our design. These are the types of programs that are used by major architectural and engineering firms throughout the world. Our designer is well traversed in these programs and is able to design and model any project that you can imagine.

We have a large scale plotter printer that can produce large size sheets for the blueprints of your project. Combined with the level of detail that we put into our construction drawings such as door, window, and room schedules, our blueprints are loved and preferred by all the disciplines that use them. We take the time to converse with our multi discipline counterparts so that we can better our drawings through their feedback. The wall sections, cut sections, and sheet notes leave no question as to how any component is to be installed on a project.

Not only do we pride ourselves on being the Go-To residential construction drawing producers that installers prefer, but we also pride ourselves on how our customer’s faces light up when they see our 3D renderings of their projects. The computer program Revit, gives us the tools to show our customers what their projects will look like before we even build them. Revit allows us to do walkthroughs of our designs to show the customer just how it will look once the project is complete! This technology is truly amazing! You should come see it for yourself at our local construction office. Schedule an appointment with us today!

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