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Now Is the Time for Your Residential Remodeling! | Remodel with Porter

According to This Old House, between 2007 and 2008 wallboard prices dropped 22 percent and framing lumber more than 15 percent. Since then, contractors and laborers have found themselves scrambling for jobs. Whereas they once sought only high-end full house construction or remodeling, they are now looking for even handyman work. Now is the time for that residential […]

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Cost VS Value with Residential Remodels

Cost Versus Value

Remodeling your existing home is an exciting alternative to buying a new home. One of the first factors to consider is whether or not you have the budget that allows you to pay a quality contractor. It actually is possible to save money in the long run if you have access to funding the project. Here […]

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Kitchen Renovations

Kitchen Renovations | Porter Construction

Renovating an older kitchen will modernize your home while adding to its value. New kitchens are major residential remodels that bring homes up-to-date. A kitchen remodel may involve new sinks, cabinets, countertops, floors, fixtures and the popular kitchen island. Our professional builders at Porter Construction will work with you to find the best renovation to complement the age and […]

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