The Latest Architectural Design Trends | Northwest Arkansas

You can tell a good deal about when the homes in your neighborhood were built just by identifying specific architectural styles. Architectural design, just like any other industry, continually evolves. While home architectural trends differ more on the interior than exterior, there have been significant changes made over the last several years. If you’re considering the construction […]

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Master Carpentry At Your Disposal | Porter Construction

Acquiring ready-made wooden furniture for your home is the norm these days considering the convenience. However, the greatest hurdle with this is that you have no way of ensuring the quality of the wooden piece that is shipped to your home. Having your furniture built by your carpenter, to your specifications, makes for a satisfying […]

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Residential Remodel

Now Is the Time for Your Residential Remodeling! | Remodel with Porter

According to This Old House, between 2007 and 2008 wallboard prices dropped 22 percent and framing lumber more than 15 percent. Since then, contractors and laborers have found themselves scrambling for jobs. Whereas they once sought only high-end full house construction or remodeling, they are now looking for even handyman work. Now is the time for that residential […]

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